Representative Cases

Client acquitted of sexual assault allegedly involving nine young children

Client acquitted on narcotics distribution charges

Client acquitted on racketeering, securities fraud and wire fraud charges

Client acquitted of money laundering and conspiracy charges in FBI sting operation

Hung jury and dismissal for high profile client charged with racketeering, murder, extortion, money laundering

Dismissal of illegal gambling charges after successful motion practice showing that search was unlawful

Reversal on appeal and dismissal of case for owner of catering business convicted of extortion and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment

Reversal on appeal and time served sentence for client charged with murder of a bouncer at a nightclub

Reversal on appeal for business owner convicted of enterprise corruption involving gambling operation followed by misdemeanor plea and no jail sentence

Reversal on appeal for client denied bail pending trial

Misdemeanor plea and probation for medical doctor charged with making false statements to federal agencies

Misdemeanor plea & no jail sentence for client charged in highly publicized illegal gambling case with charges including racketeering, extortion and money laundering

No jail sentence for computer analyst charged with money laundering in highly publicized case

No jail sentence for client charged with multiple substantive and conspiracy counts involving illegal exportation of restricted merchandise

No jail sentence for client charged with multiple counts of embezzlement, forgery and falsifying business records